• Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior with an oil-free body scrub*. Timing is crucial!
  • Hydrate...Hydrate..Hydrate!
  • Absolutely no dove soap within 72 hours of your session or after!
  • Make sure to remove any previous self-tanner or spray tan with an exfoliator mitt!
  • Avoid using any products high in pH.
  • Avoid showering/shaving/using hair products within 12 hours of your session. (If you must shower right before please just rinse with cool water, do not use any products that may cling to the skin and block your tan from developing).
  • Do not apply any spray tan barriers. No deodorant/lotion/perfume/oils/makeup etc.
  • Be prepared to wear loose/dark clothing after spray application.
  • Be prepared for weather conditions! Ex: Bring an umbrella and closed-toed shoes if rain is expected!


  • Wait the given amount of processing time until showering. This amount of time is very important for the proper development of the tan.
  • Avoid any activities that may provoke getting wet or sweating while your tan is processing.
  • Always wear loose, dark clothing until rinse time.
  • Do not apply any lotions, makeup, perfumes etc. to the skin until rinse time.
  • When processing time is up, rinse WELL to prevent the cosmetic bronzer (temporary layer) from staining the skin. Rinse until the water is clear and double check for "streaks". If streaks appear, get back in that shower & continue to rinse!
  • Avoid the use of any soaps, shaving, hair washing, etc. during your first rinse.
  • Aftercare products are CRUCIAL for your tan. A tan extending lotion and a spray tan soap will give your glow the love it deserves.
  • Mineral oils, petroleum, alcohol, parabens and sulfates found in most creams and body washes can cause your tan to fade unevenly and prematurely. So be sure to check your product ingredient list!
  • Keeping your body moisturized is KEY to keeping the tan hydrated. Hydrated skin makes for an amazing, long-lasting color. Drinking tons of H2O isn’t a bad idea either 😉
  • Avoid the use of hot tubs and chlorinated pools!
  • If you are a regular tanner, please be sure to exfoliate your tan off prior to a new application! This will ensure amazing, even and long-lasting results!
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