Heyyy gorgeous ! It's so great to see you here! I'm Jenna.

I’m the Owner and CEO at TLS SPRAY TAN BAR. I started my career as a mobile spray tan artist in 2017. And after 2 years on the road, I opened my brick & mortar location in Pitman, NJ. My goal was to create a luxe & FUN space that exclusively offers the best airbrush tanning in the area. Woo! It’s been a ride so far. I now have 7 employees and we service about 600 sessions a month. And we are continuing to grow rapidly!

Being in the salon and serving our clients is truly my favorite thing ever! But a massive passion of mine has been to help other beauty biz owners like myself grow their babies! When I started my business, I had always wished for a “big sister” of sorts to turn to for help within this industry. Being an entrepreneur can feel so lonely, daunting and exhausting. So I decided to become THAT big sister.

With 5 years in the game, thousands of clients & a sh*t ton of lessons along the way I know a thing or two about the spray tan industry. I have helped tons of women across the U.S make more profits, scale way faster & earn more freedom in their beauty businesses.

And I’m so honored to help you too!

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